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For every product purchased, $10 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. All remaining profits will be donated as nail art supplies for Look Good Feel Better programmes. Wear your ribbon on your fingertips this Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Woven into the intricate artistry of these nail foils is the essence of compassion and solidarity. "Rīpene Māwhero," meaning "Pink Ribbon" in te reo Māori, symbolises strength, hope, and the enduring spirit of wāhine Māori. For too long, the statistics have told a story of hardship and disparity, with Māori women facing a 21% higher rate of diagnosis and a 76% higher mortality rate than non-Māori women. Now, it's time for a new narrative - a narrative of empowerment and awareness.

These designs are more than just a stunning addition to your fingertips; they’re a call to action. A call to embrace the power of self-care, to become breast aware, to check, and to cherish the remarkable vessels that carry your strength and spirit. Wear 'Rīpene Māwhero' proudly and stand united in the fight against breast cancer.

With every nail adorned in ‘Rīpene Māwhero,’ we celebrate the stories of survival and remember those who have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Together, we are a tapestry of support, woven with threads of unity and love. ‘Rīpene Māwhero’ Nail Foils are a symbol of your commitment to making a difference, your pledge to have and encourage regular breast examinations, and your tribute to the resilience of wāhine Māori. Awareness starts with you.

Designs in this stunning set include:

Each sheet includes 12 Professional Nail Foils (37mm long). 

Handmade with love in Aotearoa.