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This design reflects the intricacy of whakapapa* - our connection to everything that is, was and ever will be. Onamata, "the eyes of our tūpuna (those that came before us)" is inherently linked with Anamata, "the eyes of our mokopuna (those that come after us)." Let this set ground you in your belonging in this moment and connect you with every moment that came before and every one that will follow. 

*Whakaaro (ideas) shared by Hana Burgess and Te Kahuratai Painting in their extraordinary chapter in Whose Futures.

To make recreating our demo design super easy, we've popped all the extras you’ll need into a matching Set of Sparkles.

The Anamata Set of Sparkles includes:

  • 2 x SS16 Swarovski Crystal 
  • 6 x SS7 Swarovski Crystal 
  • 6 x Koru Zircon charms
  • Gold caviar beads 

A second Set of Sparkles for this design (see display set in 2nd photo) is also available which includes:

  • 4 x SS16 Swarovski Crystal
  • 4 x Koru Zircon charms
  • 2 x SS7 Swarovski Crystal
  • 6 x SS5 Swarovski Crystal
  • 8 x SS3 Swarovski Crystal
  • 2 x Gold curved bars 
  • Gold caviar beads 

Each foil sheet includes 12 Professional Nail Foils (37mm long)

Handmade with love in Aotearoa 

Designed by Lance from 818 Ink