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This set of designs includes both traditional and more modern symbols commonly featured in toi Māori (the Māori arts). These designs are intended to enrich, protect and empower.

  • Koru (spiral) - represents the fern frond and signifies growth, new beginnings and harmony.
  • Pikorua (double twist) - a powerful expression of loyalty, signifying enduring relationships and the joining of cultures.
  • Hei-Matau (fish hook) - signifies strength, prosperity and a great respect for the sea. 
  • Kape (crescent shape with circular indentations) - symbolises the crescent moon along with feminine energy, fertility and the cycle of life. 

To make recreating our demo design super easy, we've popped all the extras you’ll need into a matching Set of Sparkles.

The Black Symbolic Shapes Set of Sparkles includes:

  • 4 x SS5 Swarovski Black Diamond
  • 4 x SS7 Swarovski Silver Shade
  • Dark silver caviar beads 

If you're keen to recreate the black sugared effect in our demo set, you can find the Magpie Yin Super Ultra Fine Glitter we used here.

Each set includes 2 sheets of Nail Transfer Tattoos either both in black or one black sheet and one sheet of the complementary set of Symbolic Shapes in white

Made with love in Aotearoa.