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For every product purchased, $10 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. All remaining profits will be donated as nail art supplies for Look Good Feel Better programmes. Wear your ribbon on your fingertips this Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Our Pink Ribbon Nail Transfer Tattoos tell a tale of strength, unity, and undying hope.

The unfurling silver fern is a powerful emblem of regeneration and growth. It mirrors the journey of countless women who have had to face breast cancer head-on.

The iconic pink ribbon represents not just a cause, but a community of fighters, survivors, and supporters. It stands as a reminder to every woman, everywhere, to become breast aware and take charge of their health.

With every purchase, you create ripples of change. All profits from the sales of this collection go to two extraordinary charities: the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and Look Good Feel Better. These organisations are beacons of hope for those navigating the turbulent waters of breast cancer, offering support, guidance, and community.

In honor of my mother, my grandmother, and all the brave women who have had to battle breast cancer, our Pink Ribbon Collection is dedicated to the power of your spirit, the depth of your courage, and the beauty of your resilience. May this art serve as a reminder that you are not alone, that we stand with you, and that together, we will paint a future filled with hope, health, and healing.

To create a 'Pink Ribbon' manicure, apply these designs over a pink base, then top with a sheer pink (or jelly/glass) polish. 

Each set includes 2 sheets of Nail Transfer Tattoos. 

Handmade with love in Aotearoa.