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This set of designs was inspired by the traditional Māori art of whakairo pounamu (New Zealand greenstone carving). 

Pounamu is one of our many taonga (treasures) and holds great spiritual significance in Te Ao Māori.  These precious stones are found only in Te Wai Pounamu (the greenstone waters/South Island) of Aotearoa, where kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is held by Ngāi Tahu. 

Pounamu is commonly carved into symbolic shapes for jewellery. This set of Nail Foils includes some of the most popular designs, worn to enrich, protect and empower.

  • Koru (spiral) - represents the fern frond and signifies growth, new beginnings and harmony.
  • Pikorua (double twist) - a powerful expression of loyalty, signifying enduring relationships and the joining of cultures.
  • Hei-Matau (fish hook) - signifies strength, prosperity and a great respect for the sea. 

To make recreating our demo design super easy, we've popped all the extras you’ll need into a matching Set of Sparkles.

The Pounamu Shapes Set of Sparkles includes:

  • 2 x SS14 Swarovski Crystal 
  • 4 x SS8 Swarovski Crystal 
  • 4 x SS7 Swarovski Crystal 
  • 2 x SS6 Swarovski Crystal
  • 2 x SS5 Swarovski Crystal
  • 2 x SS3 Swarovski Crystal
  • 4 x SS20 Swarovski Fern Green 
  • 2 x SS16 Swarovski Fern Green 
  • 6 x SS9 Swarovski Black Diamond
  • 4 x SS5 Swarovski Black Diamond
  • 4 x Silver curved bars
  • Silver caviar beads 
  • Silver studs

Each foil sheet includes 26 Professional Nail Foil designs. 

Handmade with love in Aotearoa