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The design concept for this set was inspired by the Tino Rangatiratanga flag.  Created following the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi), it is now a national symbol of Māori independence and sovereignty. 

The colours of the national Māori flag represent the three realms:

    • Te Korekore, potential being (black)
    • Te Whai Ao, coming into being (red)
    • Te Ao Mārama, the realm of being and light (white)

    Our Kī Taurangi design also incorporates these colours, but uses only part of the symbolic koru (signifying renewal of life and new beginnings), including some koru elements that are only outlined, in acknowledgement that Kī Taurangi (promise, guarantee, vow, oath) is yet to be honoured in its entirety. 

    To make recreating our demo design super easy, we've popped all the extras you’ll need into a matching Set of Sparkles. 

    The Kī Taurangi Set of Sparkles includes:

    • 10 x SS10 Swarovski Crystal 
    • Kī Taurangi Sample Size Nail Transfer Tattoos in white 

    Each foil sheet includes 12 Professional Nail Foils (37mm long).

    Handmade with love in Aotearoa