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According to an ancient Chinese tale, the Jade Emperor wanted to devise a way to measure time. He organised a swimming race and declared that the first twelve animals to successfully cross the river would each have a year of the zodiac named after them. The race would determine the order that each animal was placed. 

  • Rat: The winner - very smart, cunning and intelligent. 
  • Ox: Second place - diligent, strong and hard working. 
  • Tiger: Third place - very competitive, the king of all beasts.
  • Rabbit: Fourth place - fast and smart. 
  • Dragon: Fifth place - very good looking and respected by the emperor. 
  • Snake: Sixth place - crafty with the gift of the gab. 
  • Horse: Seventh place - polite, kind and modest. 
  • Goat: Eighth place - polite, kind and modest. 
  • Monkey: Ninth place - smart! The most famous Chinese TV show is the Monkey King. Monkeys are very popular in China. 
  • Rooster: Tenth place - symbolises the sun god and a new day. Roosters are lucky because the Chinese word for 'rooster' sounds similar to the word for 'luck'.
  • Dog: Eleventh place - caring and loyal. 
  • Pig: Last place - lazy but brave. 

 *Please note there are many variations of this tale - this is just one version. 

This set includes two styles of each Chinese Zodiac Animal and the matching traditional Chinese characters. It also includes:

  • Fú - The Chinese character for fortune/good luck is a popular decoration used to welcome positive energy and happiness. Placing the character upside down symbolises luck pouring out or arriving - the phrase an "upside-down Fú" sounds nearly identical to the phrase "good luck arrives.”
  • Blessing - A play on words, wishing you good fortune and prosperity. The word ‘tu’ has been switched to rabbit, which is also ‘tu’ but with different pronunciation. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. 

These Nail Transfer Tattoos are perfect for layering with our other Chinese New Year designs. Create a unique set to celebrate your own Chinese Zodiac animal or represent the Year of the Rabbit. 

Each set includes 2 sheets of Nail Transfer Tattoos in your choice of black, white or both. Most designs will fit natural/short nails.

Made with love in Aotearoa. 

A special thanks goes out to the Zheng family for generously sharing their knowledge and helping with translation. Ngā mihi nui!